Wrongful Death

Why did this happen?

Could this have been prevented?

How will we move on?

These are just some of the troubling questions facing spouses, children, parents and others after losing a loved one in an accident. The death of a family member is devastating, and has far-reaching emotional and financial ramifications. If you have lost a loved one in an accident where negligence may have been a factor, it is important to explore all of your options.

At Ventura, Miesowitz, Keough & Warner, P.C., we know we cannot replace your loved one or what they meant to your family. What we can do is make sure you have the financial resources you need to begin picking up the pieces and moving forward. We can also help you obtain a sense of closure and justice by holding those responsible for your loss accountable.

Compassionate Representation For Wrongful Death Claims

Our skilled attorneys handle wrongful death claims stemming from negligence, including:

A successful wrongful death lawsuit can provide your family with compensation for the deceased’s pain and suffering, funeral and burial expenses, lost future earnings, loss of companionship and more.

We Are Here For You During Your Difficult Time

Our attentive approach lends itself well to wrongful death claims. You can rely on our team to stand with you every step of the way as we pursue justice for your loss. Contact our Summit, New Jersey, office today to schedule a free consultation with a compassionate lawyer.