Matrimonial & Family Law

We are acutely aware that family law matters can be quite emotional and stressful for everyone involved. When we represent a client under these circumstances, we try to take the emotions out of a difficult process by being calm, deliberate, and considerate of your distress.

With that in mind, our first priority is to make a good faith effort to settle your case, before any litigation commences, if possible. We believe that it is much better for you to decide your own fate, rather than a judge who does not know you or your circumstances as well as you do.

By the same token, we will work zealously to protect your legal rights so that there is a fair resolution of all of the outstanding issues in your matter. That may also mean commencing litigation as may be appropriate to vigorously present your position to the Court.

Throughout this process, we remain mindful of your legal fees and costs. No one wants to see their family’s assets depleted by professional fees. We try to minimize legal fees and costs to the extent possible, without compromising the quality of our services.

Since there are a variety of family law situations (divorce, custody, domestic violence, paternity, etc.), please contact us so we can determine how we can best assist you. Our goal is to provide, “Large firm expertise with small firm service and care.”