Property Tax Appeals

Dan Keough, Esq. specializes in the area of filing and litigating real estate tax appeals against municipalities, for all types of real estate in New Jersey, (i.e., residential, commercial, industrial, hotels, multi-family, etc) on behalf of taxpayers who believe that their assessment is too high. Mr. Keough will analyze the taxpayer’s data to determine whether an appeal is warranted, as taxes can be increased in New Jersey if an appeal is filed on an under-assessed property. The party appealing their tax bears the burden to disprove the assessment which is presumed to be correct, by clear and convincing evidence that the assessment is not based on fair market value.

Tax appeals are filed both at the County Tax Boards and the Tax Court of New Jersey based on certain criteria. There is an annual filing deadline for New Jersey real estate tax appeals which is January 15 (for Monmouth County properties) and April 1 of the year of appeal (for all other Counties). Municipalities that were either revalued or reassessed may extend their annual deadlines, so filing deadline dates must be checked on a case-by-case basis.

It is important that a property owner considering a tax appeal seek professional advice on these issues from an attorney like Mr. Keough, who specializes in this field of law. Mr. Keough’s legal fees are based on a percentage of the tax savings the he achieves for the client. If no savings are achieved, no legal fee is due.