Complex Commercial Litigation

Our trial lawyers are highly experienced in handling litigation in state and federal courts, at both the trial and appellate levels. We are frequently called upon to litigate complex cases involving voluminous documentary evidence, multiple expert witnesses and novel legal issues.

Our attorneys have litigated substantial matters in the areas of brokerage commission disputes, construction cases, shareholder derivative suits, director and officer liability, partnership liability, landlord/tenant law, restrictive covenants and employee duty of loyalty, employment discrimination claims, tortious interference, business fraud, fraudulent transfers, trademark protection, unfair competition, franchise litigation, lender liability, commercial mortgage foreclosure, Uniform Commercial Code, breach of contract, bankruptcy, conversion, declaratory judgment, insurance, products liability, consumer fraud, real estate, closely held corporations, and oppressed minority shareholder disputes.

From the inception of the case, we take a practical approach, looking for creative solutions that can result in a winning outcome for our clients in a quick and efficient manner. When we go to the courthouse, we are fully prepared to litigate, to maximize the likelihood of a favorable outcome. The attorneys utilize their tax acumen to ensure that settlements are structured in a manner to maximize the net recovery to their clients.