New Jersey motorcyclists face a lot of risks and dangers when on the road. Even when wearing full protective gear, there is always the chance of getting injured. Today we will look at road rashes, a type of injury that occurs if a rider falls off their bike and skids on the pavement. 

VeryWell Health has an overview of road rash injuries. Most cases are mild. The mild cases are what many motorcyclists are familiar with. Road rash often conjures up the image of a light friction burn. There might be bleeding, but there is no need for stitches. In fact, many victims do not even need medical care. After the initial check-up to ensure the wound is clean, they may not have to return. At-home care involving disinfection and proper hygiene is often enough. 

Though it is rare, there are cases of moderate to severe road rash. The name does not do the damage justice in these cases. It is possible for the injury to flesh slice down to the bone. The pavement grates away muscles and nerves. A victim can even bleed out if they are missing enough skin. Infection also sets in fast. With a minimum of 15 percent of the body’s skin rubbed raw, it takes hours for infection to appear. Serious infections occur as well, including gangrene and sepsis. 

The results of serious road rash are painful and devastating. These injuries may even end a motorcyclist’s life. Anyone facing severe road rash should see a medical professional immediately. Otherwise, they may face a catastrophic outcome.