The construction industry is in full swing in New Jersey as the temperatures start to rise. Unfortunately, the construction industry is not immune to worker fatalities. Preventing the causes of these accidents can reduce the number of fatalities in the industry and lower overall workplace deaths significantly. 

OSHA reported that 4,779 workers died within the private industry for 2018. Of those, construction accidents accounted for 1,008 deaths. While highway collisions are still an issue, most construction-related deaths focus on the “Fatal Four.” 

One-third of the deaths occurred due to falls followed by struck by object, electrocutions and caught-in/between. Many of these accidents occurred due to OSHA standard violations. Some of the most common violations include ladders, protective equipment, scaffolding requirements and fall protection. 

XAMAX Workplace Solutions offers some additional fatality statistics. Roofers make up 15% of fall, slip and trip deaths in the construction industry. Falling from a height can result in serious injury and death. Roofers who do not properly secure and use ladders and scaffolding are at higher risk of injury. 

Loose cables, holes in the ground and items laying around can cause a worker to trip, slip or fall resulting in an injury. Poor communication can lead to objects falling from above and striking an unknown worker below. Not wearing a hard hat can increase the risk of injury and death from falling objects. 

Safety training and regular meetings can help decrease the risks of accidents on construction sites. Requiring workers to consistently wear their personal protective equipment can further keep them safe while on the job site.