New Jersey winters may bring snow and ice. They also often bring an onslaught of accidents on the roadways. Semi-trucks are a necessity in transporting goods and services to people around the country, and the Garden State is no stranger to these big rigs. 

Getting in an accident involving an 18-wheeler may bring catastrophic injuries. The most common reasons for these crashes may help bring awareness to other drivers who find themselves alongside them. The team at Ventura, Miesowitz, Keough & Warner, P.C. wants you and your family to stay safe while on the road this winter season. Review these causes of truck accidents to know what to watch for while traveling season. 


New regulations aim to lift some of the rules put in place to help reduce the instances of driver fatigue. However, data suggests that truckers push the limits even with current restrictions causing most of the crashes involving big rigs and vehicles. Fatigue reduces reaction time significantly, resulting in more rear-end collisions. There is evidence that driving drowsy is equivalent to driving while under the influence of alcohol. 

Mechanical failure  

Trucks are complex vehicles. The loss or malfunction of one automated system, such as steering or brakes, may result in a deadly crash. Frequent inspections of major systems may help avoid some of these failures and save lives. 

Loss of control  

In the winter, all drivers should exercise extreme caution with icy conditions prevalent in the northern states. Posted speed limits do not take into account compromised driving conditions, and truckers should respond accordingly. Speed is a significant factor in semi accidents regardless of the season. Therefore, truckers should exercise extreme caution when plowing through snowy conditions. 

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