People typically do not worry about car accidents when they are indoors, particularly when they are in a part of the building above the level of the street. Nevertheless, a frightening accident recently occurred in New Jersey in which a sports car driver reportedly lost control of the vehicle. The high rate of speed, combined with other factors, apparently launched the sports car into the air. It landed upside-down on the second story of a building after crashing through an exterior wall.

Signs outside the building indicate that it houses several businesses and organizations, including a counseling services company and a real estate firm. Perhaps because the crash occurred early on a Sunday morning, no one was inside the building at the time of the collision. However, the vehicle occupants, two men aged 22 and 23, died at the scene.

“How did this happen?”

The extraction of the sports car from the building took place at about midday and required the use of a crane. An investigation into the accident continued for several hours thereafter.

Evidence suggests that the 22-year-old driver was operating the sports car in the northbound lanes at a high speed. There is a ditch in front of the building where the sports car came to rest, and the belief is that hitting the ditch at speed after crossing the southbound lanes must have been sufficient to send the vehicle into the air, where it flipped upside-down and crashed into the exterior wall on the second floor. To access the sports car, first responders had to widen the opening by removing bricks.

“Breaks your heart. It really does”

The city in which the accident took place is a tight-knit community, and friends of the victims were reportedly on hand to watch as authorities extracted the sports car from the building where it came to rest. As devastating as the accident is for residents of the area, however, it could have been much worse if it had occurred at a time when there were people in the building.