While you may enjoy living in New Jersey, there is a chance that you could do without having to drive through the snow in the winter. Educating yourself on common winter driving accidents helps you avoid them and the frustration of putting your vehicle in a repair shop.

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Lane drifting collisions

When snow blankets the roads, it is hard to make out individual lanes, which can lead to drifting and sideswipes. It is best to drive in the tracks of cars that came before you and pay attention to how close you are to cars around you. Do not be afraid to lay on the horn if you feel a car is getting too close to you.

Rear-end accidents

Drivers who either are not used to winter driving or are not paying attention may brake too hard, causing their tires to lose traction and the car to slam into the vehicle in front of it. To keep from causing a rear-end collision on snow or ice, leave more space between yourself and the car in front of you. Take care that you do not speed, and when you brake, do so easily

Accidents caused by spinouts

Unexpected patches of ice or hard braking on ice can lead to spinning out, which can lead to a collision. Should you ever find yourself spinning out, twist the steering wheel into the skid. Said another way, whatever direction the back of your vehicle skids in, turn your steering wheel in that same direction.

This information is only intended to educate and should not be interpreted as legal advice.