Mike Ventura had a very productive year in 2014, with numerous personal injury settlements and awards, including the following: 

Wrongful Death of a 47 year old mother, slipped and fell on ice- $1,650,000

Worker falls from tree and suffers comminuted femur fracture- $475,000

14 year old is ejected from motor vehicle and suffers ruptured spleen and facial fractures- $425,000

Motor vehicle/bicycle accident – nasal fracture and small lacerations- $190,000

Motor vehicle accident – aggravation of prior cervical and lumbar discs- $92,500

Falldown in Short Hills Mall – wrist, knee and back sprains- $50,000

Personal injury/falldown at apartment complex, knee sprain- $49,000

In addition to these and many other personal injury settlements, Mr. Ventura acted as court-appointed Receiver for the dissolution of a large family real estate partnership founded by four brothers. He negotiated the sale of a factory building occupied by two family controlled manufacturing businesses, distributed two other commercial properties occupied by family businesses and negotiated the dissolution and distribution of all partnership assets. In addition to dissolving the real estate partnership and settling the partnership litigation, he settled numerous minority shareholder claims by effectuating buyouts of minority shareholder interests in the four family-owned manufacturing businesses.